Q – Do you have a lot of experience?
A – Yes, I personally have 24 years of experience in the painting business. We have the knowledge to address your concerns and to solve any issues your project may require.

Q – Are you insured?
A – Yes, we are. We carry full insurance with $2 million in liability coverage. Be warned however that many contractors will say they are insured when they are not. Always ask to see a proof of insurance letter when hiring a contractor, otherwise you may be responsible in the event of an accident.

Q – Do you have WSIB coverage?
A – Yes again. All of our employees are covered through the WSIB. Also starting in 2013, all contractors, even one man companies are now required by Ontario law to carry WSIB coverage. Be sure to ask to see a WSIB clearance certificate before letting any contractor work in your home or place of business. Once again in the unlikely event of an accident you may be liable if your contractor isn’t covered.

Q – Do you use quality materials?
A – Yes, we only use the best materials from a variety of manufactures. Products from companies such as Dulux, General Paint, and Flood are what we insist on. You simply cannot end up with a high quality finished product if you use subpar material.

Q – Will there be a big mess?
A – No, in fact there will be no mess at all. We respect your home or place of business and ensure that great care will be taken to make your project as headache free as possible. This mean dropsheets, plastic sheeting, and what ever is needed to keep your home or business clean through out the entire painting process.

Q – Is there a warranty?
A – We stand behind all of our work and offer a 2 year warranty on any issues that may arise as a result of our workmanship.

Q – What about the companies on kijiji that offer low hourly rates or paint any room for $79 type of promotions?
A – The famous quote “caveat emptor” applies here. If its too good to be true it probably is. Many fly by night companies will use flashy deals to get in the door, and then once in anything is possible. Cheap materials, poor to no prep, and a complete lack of painting knowledge are what you usually end up with. Most of these companies also carry no insurance, no WSIB, and their warranties run out the minute your cheque clears. Never mind the fact that once they tally up all the extras you are stuck with a bill that is no less than what it would have cost to hire a reputable company in the first place.